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NYPDL Board 2023-24

Completely student-run!


Margot Norman

Equity Director

Hi! I’m Margot: a junior, cocaptain of Harriton’s parli team, and IR motions’ biggest fan. When I’m not debating, you can find me working on various debate-related things, doing mock trial, or receiving harsh reminders of why I don’t do speech from commentary speaking. I also enjoy hiking, skiing, and flying sailplanes. So excited for this season!

Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 11.34.42 AM - Sophie Rukin.png

Sophie Rukin

Outreach Director

Hi!!! I’m Sophie and I’m a Junior at Horace Mann School in the Bronx. I’ve been debating since Freshman year, and I absolutely love it. When I’m not debating you can probably find me obsessing over my two dogs (please ask me to show you pictures), going on runs, writing for my school newspaper and working on women’s rights advocacy. I am so excited for this debate season and I hope to see many of you there!


Zach Fleesler

Tournament Committee

Hey y’all! I’m Zach (they/them), and I’m a senior at trinity. I’ve been doing parli since I’ve been in 6th grade, amongst other debate formats. When im not doing parli, im probably working on something for a different debate team (probably pf). Outside of debate my passions are leftist economics, obscure and esoteric philosophy or theory, and arguing with people about debate. What makes me the happiest is to see other people excited about debate. So excited for this year and I cannot wait to see everyone get into it!


Zoe Manges

Tournament Committee

Hi! I'm Zoe and I'm a sophomore at Horace Mann and one of our parli vice presidents. I've been debating since middle school and outside of debate, I love writing for school publications, listening to music, drawing, and reading. I'm excited for another fun season of parli!


Shreya Ranjan

Tournament Committee

Hey, I’m Shreya and I’m a sophomore at Dalton and I’m so glad to be joining the board this year! When I’m not debating you can find me painting, reading, doing robotics, baking or playing tennis! I can’t wait for a great year! 


Joshua Montvelisky

Tournament Committee


Kevin Yang

Tournament Committee


Eesha Gupta

Equity Officer


Zach Berg

Executive Director

Hi! I’m Zach (he/him), and I am a senior at Dalton in New York City. This will be my sixth year involved in debate, and I am the captain of Dalton’s Parli team. In the words of Ryan Lafferty, my hobbies include debating, débáting, and dëbätïng. In the very little time I spend not doing something debate related, I am usually skiing, hiking, running, writing for Dalton’s political journal, doing model Congress, or spending time with family and friends. I could not be more excited for what I know will be an incredible year of debate!


Norah Kiely

In-Person Tournament Director

Hi everyone! I’m Norah and I am a senior at Trinity in NYC. I’ve been doing Parli since my frehsman year and am captain of Trinity’s parli team. When Im not debating, Im probably writing for my schools’ publications, working on different projects, or hanging out with my friends. I am so so excited for this year!


Eira Prakash

Online Tournament Director

Hi I’m Eira and I’m a senior who debates at Westfield Academy in CT. I have been debating since sixth grade and love all things parli (although I dabble in policy debate). Some of my favorite things include narrative or pop culture motions, bagels, and my dog. When I’m not debating, you can find me hiking, listening to Taylor Swift, or working on AAPI advocacy. I’m so excited for this upcoming year!


Bridget Zelin

Social Media Director

Hi! I'm Bridget, a senior at Blind Brook High School. I've been involved in parliamentary debate since 8th grade, and I am one of the captains of my school's team. When I'm not debating, I love spending time with my friends, drinking coffee, and doing informatics research. I also really like listening to music, and would love to get more recommendations.


Web Director

Hi! I'm Eliot, a Senior at Berkeley High School in Berkeley, CA. I've been involved in Parli since Junior year. I divide my time between Debating, Cycling, Programming, and probably too many other activities. I'm also into Jazz (mainly listening), and photography (it's a love language! see Eloise's and Luca's photos on this page for some samples). I claim responsibility for everything you love about this site and had nothing to do with any issues that you run into.


Jennifer Levine

Outreach Committee

Hi! I’m Jenny (she/her) and I’m a senior and captain of the Friends Seminary debate team. I love reading, dancing, and listening to music in my free time. My least favorite debate topics are Econ and virtue ethics, although I welcome you to prove me wrong. Can’t wait for a great season of debate!


Janet Fan

Outreach Committee

Hi! I’m Janet, a sophomore at Amity Regional High School and member of the infamous BOW (a.k.a. "Bacon on Wheels") debate team. I’ve been debating since 7th grade (under the tutelage of the fantastic June Lin), and it’s been a blast ever since.  When I’m not debating, you can find  me browsing the shelves of my local library, trying out new boba flavors, or arguing with my friends about whether a hotdog is a  sandwich (for the record, it is not).   So excited to serve on the board this season!


Dylan Arendt

Outreach Committee

Hello, I’m Dylan, a senior at Analy High School in California. I’ve been debating since my freshman year and am excited for my first year as a board member. Outside of debate, my hobbies include: track and field, reading, chess, and sustainable banana cultivation.


Kyler Parker

Outreach Committee

Hi, I’m Kyler! I’ve debated for 2 years but been getting into acrimonious arguments with family and friends for all 16. I’m a junior, and currently serve as co-captain of the Harriton Parli team. Besides debate, I’m an avid participant in Mock Trial, treasurer of my student council, and aspire to reach Carnegie Hall playing the clarinet. Looking forward to a fantastic NYPDL season!


Asha Tandon

Outreach Committee

Hi! I’m Asha and I’m a Junior at Horace Mann. I’ve been debating since my Sophomore year and I’m one of the Vice Presidents of the HM Parli Team. When I’m not debating you will probably find me baking, listening to Taylor Swift, going for runs, or doing some other speech and debate activity. I’m so excited for another great year of debate!


Eloise Biddle-Gottesman

Outreach Committee

Hello!! My name is Eloise (She/Her) and I’m a Junior at Berkeley High School in California. I’ve been debating since Sophmore year and it’s one of my favorite activities! When not debating I can be found reading, baking, taking photos of my dogs, incorrectly translating Latin, and explaining how I love Taylor Swift more than anyone else. 


Emily Grant

Tournament Committee

Hi, I’m Emily! I am a senior at Horace Mann School, and I have been doing Parliamentary Debate since freshman year. In my free time, I like to play tennis, play piano, listen to music, and fuel my caffeine addiction. I am so excited for an amazing year of parli! 


Adrian Turkedjiev

Onboarding Director

Hi! I'm Adrian, a junior at Stuyvesant. I have been doing Parli since sixth grade, and am varsity director of the Stuyvesant team. Outside of debate, I love playing drums and guitar, reading, and coding. I'm very excited to take part in what I know will be an amazing season!

“There are no accidents.” – Master Oogway

Yoyoyo. I’m Kevin, rising senior and captain of the Trinity parli team. You may also know me as Fleesler’s debate partner. Proud visual arts enthusiast, work-in-progress filmmaker, devoted gardener, crossword wizard, and volleyball player.


Lucy Brodkin

Equity Officer

Hi, I’m Lucy. I’m the head of my Parli team at Ridge High School. I like watching ‘Scrubs’, hiking, and listening to ABBA. Also, I love debate. 


Elizabeth Lee

Equity Officer

Hi! I’m Elizabeth (she/her), a senior at Trinity School in New York City. I’ve been debating since middle school, and I’m a captain of Trinity’s team. In my free time I like reading and writing. I am very excited for a fun and fulfilling debate season!


Isabel Marks

Onboarding Committee

Hi! I’m Isabel. I’m a senior & debate captain at Bard High School Early College Queens. This is my fifth year of debate and first year on the board! I’m passionate about discussing Richard Nixon, education equity, pastries, and rats I see in the subway.


Ollie Feder

Onboarding Committee

Hey! I’m Ollie, a junior at The Dalton School and Junior Head of Dalton’s Parli team. This is my 4th year doing debate, and I am so excited for what the NYPDL has in store this year. Outside of debate, you’ll probably find me playing basketball, tennis, writing for my school newspaper, or hanging out with friends and family. I cannot wait for this debate season!


Luca Vicisano

Onboarding Committee

Hi! I'm Luca (he/him), a senior at Berkeley High School in California. I've been involved in parli since my freshman year, and I’m currently the president of Berkeley High School Debate. Outside of debate, my hobbies include skiing, writing, being jealous of the lives of book characters, and pretending my thoughts are deeper and more profound than they are.

Juliana Yang

Onboarding Committee

Hi! I’m Juliana, a junior at Pomperaug High School. I debate in Parli, CDA’s Parli spin-off, and Lincoln Douglas debate. Outside of debate, I love walking my dog, listening to music, and trying different foods with friends.

If you would like to learn about previous student leaders of the league, please view the document below:

From Our Founders

from Radhika Mehta (Horace Mann '18, Columbia '22), Co-Founder of the NYPDL

We started the NYPDL towards the end of my sophomore year of high school to provide a platform for students across the metropolitan to engage in a form of debate that emphasizes critical thinking and public speaking skills. During my sophomore year, we held spars with Stuyvesant and Dalton, but without a league, we were unable to hold large formal tournaments that had a high level of competition. Starting the NYPDL allowed students across the tri-state area to learn and compete in a new, engaging, and non-technical debate format!

from Rodda John (Stuyvesant '17, Columbia '22), Co-Founder of the NYPDL

As high school students ourselves, Radhika Mehta (Horace Mann '18, Columbia '22) and I founded the NYPDL to expand Parliamentary Debate, the most popular form of debate at college, at the high school level.  We wanted to create opportunities for students from schools without traditional debate teams to participate and form teams of their own. The league was built with an emphasis on student leadership. Though there are teachers and alumni of the league who oversee some of the activities requiring adults, the student-led board ultimately runs the league -- scheduling, programming, and planning are all organized and executed by the students.

Member Schools

Please go to the Contact page if you are interested in joining the league!

Trinity School
The Dalton School
Stuyvesant High School
Horace Mann School
Westfield Academy
Friends Seminary
Berkeley High School
High School of American Studies at Lehman College
Ridge High School
Grace Church School
Brearley School
Townsend Harris High School
Trevor Day School
Bard High School Early College Queens
Aviation High School
Packer Collegiate Institute
Westhill High School
Forest Hills
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