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Please find below a variety of resources such as how to start a Parli team, training games and guides, informational Youtube videos, and presentations for more advanced debaters!

Training for Debaters and Judges

Equity and Tournament Feedback

For Club Leaders

Parli Training Presentations

In-depth analysis about Parli topics

Post Tournament Survey

Please give feedback so we can improve tournament experience!

Past Motions

Tournaments motions starting in the 2022-2023 season are in the document below.

Full Rule Book

View the complete NYPDL rules

Youtube Channel

Check out our informational videos and recordings of rounds!

Equity Violation Form

If you feel that you have witnessed an equity issue, please fill out this form.

How to Host a Tournament Guide

Interested in hosting a tournament? Please contact us!

Parli for Novices

Comprehensive Guide for Novice Debaters

Code of Conduct

To ensure a safe environment for all students and judges.

How to Start and Run a Parli Team

For interested students and teachers!

Rules FAQ

Some quick answers to our most common questions about rules

Judge Training Guide

A short document that covers everything a judge needs to know

Yale Parli Style Guide

An excellent summary of all you need to know about Parli!

Parli Training Games 

Fun games to improve public speaking and critical thinking!

West Coast Tournament Guide

For East Coast debaters interested in even more Parli opportunities!

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