Why Parli?

Parliamentary debate involves only fifteen minutes of preparation, no outside sources, and timely, engaging, and fun debate topics, allowing debaters to improve their rhetoric, logic, critical thinking, and knowledge of current events. It is also a participatory form of debate, allowing for real-time questioning of speakers. If you are interested in learning more, please contact nyparli@gmail.com or visit our Resources page.

How do I join the league?

Whether you are an interested student, teacher, coach, or business looking to work with the league, joining is as easy as emailing us or filling out our contact form in the homepage. If your school does not have a Parli team yet, we are more than willing to provide you with the guidance and resources needed to help you start a team.

What is the advantage of a student run league? How can I join the Board?

With a student run board, the NYPDL is able to creatively and efficiently run tournaments, address issues, and cultivate relevant debates in a way that an adult run board could not. During a Parli tournament, you will find our board members in the thick of the action, either debating, judging, or tabbing. Because of this, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of the league and through collaboration are able to come up with successful improvements. Our student-run league puts into practice the democratic values we seek to foster through debate.

Board applications are released at the end of each school year. We look for students with a demonstrated dedication to Parli and the league.

Is there a cost to being a member of the league? How much does it cost to attend a tournament?

There is no fee for becoming a member of the league or for attending our online tournaments! Being a member simply means that you are updated with information about tournaments and initiatives.

How often does the league host tournaments, and how have they been affected by COVID-19? How do I sign up for tournaments?

The NYPDL currently hosts tournaments almost every month. Because of COVID-19, tournaments will be online, and so we may consider changing the frequency of our tournaments.

You can sign up for our tournaments and check our tournament schedule on the Schedule page. Our schedule for the 2020-2021 year will be finalized in August. To stay up to date with tournament announcements, please email nyparli@gmail.com to join our email list.

Can I go to a tournament if my school does not have a Parli team? 

For sure! We encourage all students to come to our tournaments. Students without an official school team can simply debate "unaffiliated." We would also love to share our resources to interested students, so please contact us at nyparli@gmail.com if you would like to start a team at your school.

Is there a championship? How do debaters qualify?

The NYPDL hosts a special championship tournament at the end of the year. While our tournament in May 2020 had to be moved online due to the pandemic, we were still excited to see students from across the country debate!

Please stay tuned for more information about how the league will determine qualifications for our end-of-year tournament.

I’m from Connecticut or New Jersey. Can I still participate in the NY Parli league?

Yes, you can definitely participate in the NYPDL! We are looking into reducing registration fees for new teams and teams traveling long distances. In addition, in the long term we hope to expand our tournament locations outside of New York City.

Please contact nyparli@gmail.com to join our email list. We hope that you will join us!

Is the league only for high schoolers?

This year, we are actively looking to expand Parli to middle school! We hope to offer free workshops to teach students basics of Parli, and eventually add a Middle School division to our tournaments! If you are a middle or high school student, teacher, or coach who is interested in starting a middle school Parli team or teaching middle schoolers Parli, please reach out!

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