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General Camp Info


HOURS: 10:30AM - 4:30PM (EST)

STYLE OF DEBATE: parliamentary

COST: free!

  • The NYPDL Summer Camp will ask campers to self-sort into one of three groups: novice, intermediate and advanced (see below for more details on details for each group). 

  • Within these groups, campers will be placed into a 10-15-person lab group, run by a highly knowledgable debater or coach.   These "lab leaders" will lead their lab groups in drills and practice rounds catered to the skill level of their group. 

  • On the final day of the camp, debaters will engage in a spar tournament with other teams of similar skill level in order to hone their tournament skills and engage with the material they have learned over the course of the camp. 

  • We are excited for debaters to receive personalized attention and form valuable connections with their lab leaders.

NYPDL Camp 2022

In August of 2022, the NYPDL will be running a three-day educational summer camp for all levels of parli debaters.  The camp will be free of cost and online.  See below for more details about how to sign up as a debater; how to apply to be a lecturer; and how to apply to be a lab leader.

Sign up to be a camper

Form to sign up to be a camper available soon! 

Campers are asked to self-sort into one of three skill level categories. Here are some more details if you're looking for guidance on which category you should choose:

  • Novice: 0 or 1 year of debate experience. Open to rising 9th graders and older.

    • Teaching the very fundamentals of debate ​

  • Intermediate: 1 or 2 year(s) of debate experience.

    • Focusing on debate strategy, e.g. which types of responses to use when; when backlash contentions work, etc.​

  • Advanced: 2 or more years of debate experience.

    • Honing advanced debate skills, e.g. covering new frameworks.​

Apply to be a lab leader or lecturer

Form to sign up to be a lab leader available soon!

  • Lab leaders must be rising seniors in high school, with some exceptions for very experienced rising juniors.

  • Lab leaders will be asked to lead a group of 10-15 debaters for two days and to judge rounds during the spar tournament on the third day of the camp. 

  • We are looking for lab leaders who are not only knowledgable about debate, but also excited to share their knowledge with others.  

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